Mid-Range Models : $1000 - $2000

At this level, there is just so much choice! It is hard for me to choose a favourite because they are all slightly different aimed at the different players that I see coming through my showroom. So I recommend you try them all back-to-back or listen to the online demos.

If you want ease of playing go for the Juan Hernandez 8; if you want not only a high-grade harmonic top but also solid back and sides the Alhambra 50th Anniversary Mahogany or the Juan Hernandez 8 are great options. The Alhambra 5P is still a great favourite of mine because it is a very balanced tonally driven guitar. For impressive sound around $1000 then the Alhambra 4P and the Alhambra Iberia Ziricote are stand out performers.

Featured Model

Alhambra 50th Anniversary Iberia Ziricote

This has become the new category winner. Arriving this year, it has displaced the previous King of this category the Alhambra 4P. The 4P reigned absolute for 10 years. But the Iberia with 7 Fan braced internal structure which delivers both power and detail in the note, it offers ease of play with the new ergonomic neck and the deep resonant bases delivered by the Ziricote back and sides. However, if the budget will stretch the 50th Anniversary Mahogany is a great investment.

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