GuitarsOnline Exclusive Territory Dealer Opportunities

Looking to future-proof your business?

Want to expand your business with strong maintained margins, and reliable recurring upsell opportunities?

 With strong, market leading, internationally recognized brands, within a high quality, non-price-sensitive and low-competition niche.

 Are you serious about guitars – especially classical guitars?

 Do you differentiate yourself on quality, expertise and customer service and not just price?


In a world awash with “me too” guitar brands and fake vaguely Spanish sounding brands, classical guitar customers want and are happy to pay for, quality and authenticity in a handmade Spanish classical guitar.

GuitarsOnline, is Australia’s leading classical and flamenco importer of Spanish guitars and is looking for a select number of new dealer partners.  Our market and our customer base are growing against the tide of pretenders and we’re looking for partners who can help service this growth.

Why partner with GuitarsOnline?

  • We’re Australia’s leading importer of Spanish mid-high end classical and flamenco guitars;
  • We are NOT volume distributors looking for the biggest retailers, GuitarsOnline are specialized guitar importers, looking to partner with the best dealers, to truly service and grow the classical guitar market.  
  • We have spent many years travelling, visiting manufacturers, luthiers and workshops, assembling a guitar range, based on brand recognition; quality of workmanship; price point; tone, projection and musicality – all of which result in easier dealer sales and strong dealer margins;  
  • We showcase, support and sponsor all elements of the Australian classical guitar community – including professional performers, up and coming artists and students, teachers, schools, ensembles, classical guitar societies and local performers and events;
  • We offer a unique peace of mind, 3 year warranty on our Alhambra products.

Why invest in the Classical and Flamenco guitar market?

While you will find volume sales with retail level Chinese imports in nylon, steel and electric guitars, your profit is poor, even on volume sales…


Because this low-end market is also crowded with extraordinary retail competition, cheap knockoffs, internet competition, heavy discounting and parallel importing.

A smarter, and more profitable opportunity, is selling into the mid-range classical guitar market, where you can clearly differentiate yourself, and finally escape the “me-too” product ranges and never- ending discount price wars.

Where will your classical guitar sales come from?  Who are your customers?

 Your Current (or Past) Customers

You will find that your current (or past) customers, will flock to the opportunity of testing and then purchasing a handmade Spanish classical guitar from their trusted local dealer.

Guitar Students and Teachers/School Music Programs

Successful dealers will see their new and recurring business coming from the guitar student and teacher/school music programs.   Schools with strong guitar programs as well as teachers preparing students for AMEB and ANZCA and Trinity grades, will provide strong repeat business.

Once you sell guitar student their first guitar, there is an ongoing, upsell of models as they progress through the grades.  In addition, price becomes less important beyond the student’s first guitar.

Once committed to the classical guitar, players learn that classical guitars are not commodities – each guitar is different and classical guitar buyers value quality because they know that a quality guitar, will help them achieve higher exam grades.

They also know that they need to test and trial different guitars in-store to determine the most suitable, so prefer to purchase instore as opposed to going online.

What are the Product Range Opportunities?

At dealer level in Australia, as in Spain, Alhambra is the flagship brand and the foundation of our range.

It’s brand, success and reputation is due to its strong price/value offering - from entry level models to concert guitars, including electroacoustic, cut-aways and steel string guitars. 

Beyond the Alhambra range, we also offer Conde Hermanos and our other brands are supplemented by a galaxy of best of breed makers.

Brands never before seen in Australia including:

  • Contreras and Paulino Bernabe- High end student and Concert guitars.
  • Angel Benito Aguado:- Contemporary Concert &Torres, Coffe Gugette, La Cote & Petit Jean Models
  • Jose Maria Vilaplana:- Classical and Flamenco models
  • Guitarras Juan Hernandez:-Concert and Conservatorium, Torres and romantic models
  • In addition we resell a number of Australian handmade guitars

We are looking for a small number of select, smart dealers to which we will be allocating exclusive profitable territories.  

For further information on product ranges, dealer margins and territory opportunities, please email, call or complete the enquiry page below:

Pierre Herrero

m:  0410 708 338


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