Expert guitar and playing style assessment

Don't let the wrong guitar hold you back and limit your ability to progress and enjoy your practice and playing. 

In the decades I have spent travelling the world, visiting luthier workshops large and small, I have played and tested thousands of handcrafted guitars - and every one has been different.  In our showroom, at GuitarsOnline, we carry almost 100 different classical guitars - and every one is different. 

The timber, construction, bracing, head, neck, bridge, soundboard, sound hole, fret board, amongst other things, are all variables that can be designed and tailored to suit the ability, personality, style and physical characteristics of the player. 

So, unless you are an experienced, expert player, who has spent decades travelling the world, testing guitars, how do you know what specific guitar, is best for you, the individual player?

You don't have to - that is what we do.  It's this service that helps make GuitarsOnline so unique. 

Expert Guitar and Playing Style Consultation Service

Our Expert Guitar and Playing Style Consultation Service is a unique offering, whereby we do a complete analysis of you and your playing style - your physical characteristics and objectives. 

The 90 minute one-on-one service includes an analysis of:

  • Posture
  • Hand position
  • Attack
  • Tone Production
  • Aural preference for basses, trebles balance
  • Repertoire choice
  • Any guitar grade exams such as AMEB, ANZCA, Trinity, that you may be undertaking; 
  • Your teacher's teaching style and preferences (if you have a teacher) - what is that your teacher expects your guitar to deliver; 
  • An analysis of your current guitar - is it limiting your playing? If so, in what way? 
  • Your physical considerations? Long scale, short scale, narrow fretboard, wide fretboard, stiffness in the fingers, arthritis?
  • Your current level of playing? What are your upcoming levels? What are your objectives and what pieces do you want to master?  Whose style of playing do you like?
  • Bias for tonality and chromatic playing, vs volume projection and power - Where do you lie on the continuum?
  • Based on initial assessment, we help you choose a range of guitars that are likely to be suitable for you for testing;
  • We work with you on a testing, review and assessment process, taking into consideration your likes and rejected models, and propose further guitar options, and so to hone into the perfect guitar for you, that will take your playing to the next level


The cost for this 90 minute Expert Guitar and Playing Style Consultation Service, is $175. 

(note - the cost of this consultation service will be credited against the purchase of any guitar from us)   

Location:  we provide this service in our showroom in Point Cook, Melbourne, VIC. 

To learn more about this service, or to book a consultation, please click below:  credit