48-Hour Approval

We will ship via DHL or the courier of your choice any guitar in our inventory pre-paid, anywhere in the world on 48 hour approval from time of receipt. All shipping costs and insurance are paid by the buyer. Returned guitars are the responsibility of the buyer until received and inspected by Guitarsonline.

30-Day Exchange

If for whatever reason you are not delighted with your choice within 30 days from date of purchase, Guitarsonline will exchange any guitar bought from our inventory of guitars for any other guitar of equal or greater value providing the instrument is returned in original condition.

Commission Sales

We will often act for owners who wish to upgrade their instrument. These guitars listed as commission sales remain in the possession of their owners. Guitarsonline acts only as an escrow agent in such sales. With pre-payment, buyers have the usual 48 hour period to accept purchase and guitars remain their responsibility until received and inspected and accepted. (See Commission Sales terms).

Special and custom orders

Custom guitars we import for you cannot be returned. See our purchase agreement.

Commission Sales Fees

For guitars we accept as listings, our standard fee is a 10 percent commission, earned if we find you a buyer. The guitar remains in your possession and you are free to sell it on your own. If you do, however, you must notify us.


To list a guitar you must provide us with a complete and accurate description of the guitar and its condition, disclosing any repairs or defects (scratches, dents, needed repairs), and provide a photograph of the instrument to enable prospective buyers to make an educated decision. A sound sample of the guitar in MP3 or a common player format will also help the sales process.

Escrow Services

When we find you a buyer we will notify you, and once we have received payment we will inform you where to ship the guitar. Buyers will be given a period of 48 hours to inspect the guitar from time of its receipt. If they are satisfied, then we pay you. If they wish to return the guitar, buyers remain responsible for the guitar until the guitar is shipped back and received by you in its original condition.


To protect your investment, both buyers and sellers must insure the guitar for its full sales price, and follow the shipping agent's rules for adequate packing (Usually this entails shipping the guitar in a hard case, placed in a double wall box, with at least 2 inches of packing materials surrounding the case, and packing of the guitar within the case such that it does not move).


When damage is obvious

If, when delivery of this shipment is tendered by the carrier, it shows evidence of damage, insist on a notation of this damage being made on the way bill or receipt by the carrier?s agent, make both telephone and written requests for an immediate inspection by the delivering carrier, and notify both the shipper and Guitarsonline.

Concealed Damage

When a shipment has been delivered to you in apparent good order, but upon opening the container you find that the contents are damaged, make both telephone and written requests for an immediate inspection by the delivering carrier, and notify both the shipper and Guitarsonline.


Send a copy of the claim and inspection report to the shipper and to Guitarsonline. Failure to comply with the above will result with an unpaid claim for which neither the shipper nor Guitarsonline can be responsible. Please save the carton and packing material, and repack the merchandise as it was received.

For your protection we ask you to send us copies of these claim forms, inspection reports, and all communications with the carrier etc, so that we may be kept informed, and not issue payments until the dispute is resolved.


Commission sales are a transaction between buyer and seller (Seller here defined as the owner of guitar who has listed it with Guitarsonline for sale). As we do not have these goods in our possession, our role in such sales is limited to acting as an escrow agent until transaction is complete and any disputes that may arise are resolved. In the event that buyers and sellers have a dispute Guitarsonline shall not be held liable for any claims, demands and damages of any kind or nature arising out of such disputes. Buyers and Sellers agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees that may be connected with such disputes.