Entry Level Models : up to $500

On my continual search for the best models at every price, the entry level model category is the most challenging to stock.

Fortunately, over the years I have built up a series of quality suppliers of hand-built guitars from Spain and here in Australia, that provide you with choice of easy play models to choose from. Let the journey begin!

Alhambra Guitars

Bargains & Clearance Models

Guitarsonline features only hand-made luthier built guitars using quality materials. We offer quality at affordable price; rather than cheaper models which from the quick construction methods and glossy laminate may look shiny instore, will not play easily and can cause issues for players, especially beginners; wasted lessons and talent squandered. 

For just a little more investment you can get so much more value:

  • A quality solid harmonic Cedar or Spruce top

  • A guitar made by a trained luthier featuring the gold standard of guitar building; the Spanish foot what making the guitar resonate end to end as one harmonic whole delivering full, rich notes that ring out.

  • A properly built guitar with no shortcut costs slightly more because it is built by a specialist; This process takes three months of which six weeks alone is the process of lacquering, sanding, lacquering and sanding again to achieve an extremely durable but thin coating that allows the top to breathe and resonate with every note.

  • These guitars are so well made they carry a three-year warranty 300% more than most other on the market.


You can hear and feel the difference in every note. And when the time comes to upgrade your well- made Spanish guitar has great resale value while a plywood guitar would be worth…zero!

Featured Model

Alhambra Z Nature

This is the best all round budget model I have been able to source over the years. It has become a category beater and my biggest seller. It has a high-grade Cedar Solid top, it has a specially developed internal bracing system that makes the top work extremely hard and is carefully finished with an open pore matt coating to ensure it resonates and punches way above it’s price bracket.

For more information on the Alhambra Z-Nature, please click here

Alhambra Z-Nature
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