Advanced Study Models : $2000 - $4000


This used to be a very tough category to find good guitars, because it is just under where concert guitars start at $5-7,500. Most players chose to go up into the concert bracket models because choice got so much more interesting. However, this is all changing through constantly encouraging makers both here and in Spain as I travel. I am uncovering better and better value for money options.

If you want to stay on $2000-ish the Alhambra Anniversary Rosewood is superb if you love Spruce the Alhambra 7P is fast speaking and detailed in the trebles with a superb Spruce top.

Alternatively, if it is the Spanish sound of Cedar is what you want, the top performer in this Category for years has been the Alhambra 10P. I used to say it was the closest you could get to the Ramirez 1A without spending three times as much! This year I was again impressed since it has undergone a huge upgrade. So the Alhambra 10P is now a more powerful, easy to play and tonally driven guitar and still at the same price it was 10 year ago! The 10P also now has competition from the new Juan Hernandez guitars 10 and 11 that are due to arrive soon. They are detailed in the note, project powerfully and are easy to play for left hand fingering.

There is new arrival the Juan Hernandez Guitarsonline Special that will be replacing the Paulino Bernabe 5 which is no longer made, and through bulk buying I can now show this new replacement model for $1000 less. You be the judge!


The biggest seller in this Category is the Alhambra Cross III E2 and normally would reign supreme. But having just returned from my guitar buying trip in Spain I have managed to get hold of some Felipe Conde Negra Cutaways with Fishman Problend that are superb great for world music, Jazz as well as classical and flamenco. A great professional guitar.


Conde Hermanos are renown as the Rolls Royce maker of Flamenco guitars and at $2500 the 2003 Conde Hermanos flamenco is great value. While on the other hand if the budget stretches the 2008 Conde Hermanos limited Edition at $7500 is unique and a great collector’s item.

Featured Model

Juan Hernandez Special

There is an embarrassment of riches at this level, but I think that the new Juan Hernandez Special models we have commissioned especially for the Australian market will prove to be a winner.

For more information on the Juan Hernandez Special please click here