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Special Sized Guitars

Although the most common version modern Spanish Classical guitar is the 6 string 650 scale (nut to bridge bone) with 52 mm nut.

The modern guitar has many variations we are often asked for child sizes, long and short scale, guitar family (orchestral) guitars and guitars with more than six strings as well as electrification and customised guitars. 

Child Sizes - 1/2 , 3/4, 7/8

Often a child’s first guitar is an afterthought “maybe it’s a passing fancy” so it is a cheap plywood guitar that is hard to play for a child and sounds like rubber bands on cardboard so nothing like a guitar. This is approach often ensures that it is the child’s first and only guitar

We have been working with guitar teachers for many years now and bring in the Alhambra 1C especially for beginning guitarists. Not only is set up for a child this guitar play well and delivers good tone. Not to mention that as it is a quality Spanish made guitar with a solid Cedar top it also has good resale value.

½ Size guitars are available in Alhambra 1C, 3C,4P, 9P

half sized

¾ Size Guitars are available In Alhambra 1C, 3C,4P,

three-qtr scale.jpg

Senorita (640 Scale) are available 1C, 3C4P,9P as well as Concert level options

Senorita size.jpg

Long Scale and Torres Style Guitars

Long Scale 660x54 mm fingerboard

For very tall players or players that just want the extra projection and tone of a long 660 scale guitar we offer a range of options from different makers

Torres Style Guitars 640 mm

For players wanting the playability of shorter scale guitars we have several options. Currently we have several Marizapalos from the workshop of Angel Benito Aguado.

Please contact us for further information regarding our special sized guitars