Concert Models : $4000 and above

Every year in searching for guitars I keep in mind the players that have been through my showroom the previous year, all the conversations I have had with teachers and dealers and I set out to buy the ‘best of breed’. That is; as I am testing guitars I keep in mind how a guitar ranks against all the others in its category. This is why I do not bring in all the models of any range, and why I can offer several guitar options in each price category. This is important because no two players are alike in how they play, technical level or even in how they hear or what they want in a guitar. In summary we are all different and carry in our heads our own aural landscape.

Again, the options at this level have exploded. The concert guitar level used to start at $5,000 with the Paulino Bernabe 5 and the Caldersmith Grange. Now it starts at $4,000 with the Juan Hernandez Guitarsonline Special we commissioned for Australian Players. It delivers power, projection, balance all in all a very sophisticated performance!

The Marizapalos form Angel Benito Aguado is standout performer, perhaps not as powerful as some but very musical and beautiful to play the 640 scale version is hard to keep in stock since players with hand problems just fall in love with it. I have just bought four more in Madrid.

At the mid-price range the biggest sellers have been the Mengual and Margarit Ziricote and the M&M Indian Rosewood. At this level there are also a number of new models I have just laded as well as some superb second-hand options that have been traded in for the high-end models.  While at the high end the battle is between the Double top Catedral, the Vilaplana NT and the Paulino Bernabe model 50 and above.

Featured Model

The battle for supremacy is between the new breed of Spanish fan braced guitars such as the NT or Paulino Bernabe guitars, the Australian and Spanish Lattice models and the double top guitars. I have all three for you to try.


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