August 2017 Newsletter


August, 2017 Newsletter


At GuitarsOnline, we select the best guitars worldwide to bring superb tone and pleasure, while showcasing Australia’s leading up and coming classical guitarists, playing the world’s finest classical guitars.

** So much is new at GuitarsOnline ... so many exciting things to tell you about ...

This month's newsletter is all about "new" & we'd love your feedback:


  • Yes, we've updated our look - with our new logo, website design, Facebook page and YouTube Channel click here for all the details
  • New shipments and products too - including our new Almansa range of classical guitars click for more details
  • Plus - what does the taxman and a craftsman built classical guitar have in common click here to find out
  • We're also very proud to announce our new "Performance Showcase" - our unique endeavour to introduce and showcasing our amazing Australian talent - performers, composers and teachers click for the details 

Just Got Your Tax Return?

Then, choose a new guitar from our new guitar arrivals!

Social researchers are telling us that in 2017 more Aussies are choosing to spend their tax return on experiences and things that are meaningful to them.  Apparently, we’re saying goodbye to smashed avo on toast and down payments on a house and hello to what is individually important.

So if a new guitar is on the horizon for you, or you’ve ever thought of taking up the guitar, welcome to GuitarsOnline.

We have an exciting new shipment including the new Almansa range, and stock models from beginner to concert to special builds.

To explore our complete range of guitars, please click here.

Our new logo, branding, website, Facebook page & YouTube Channel

Our new logo & branding

Yes - we have a new logo and we hope you like it! It is meant to represent a modern, contemporary take, on the classical, traditional and art of handcrafted guitar building.

Our new Facebook page

We've also been working hard on our Facebook page, and will be using this as one of the tools for promoting & showcasing our inspiring Australian talent - performers, composers & teachers.
Please click here to visit our new Facebook page & remember to "Like" our page to receive our updates


Our new YouTube Channel

Our new YouTube channel is the destination where we profile and promote all the incredible videos we have taken of our guest performers playing the different models from our GuitarsOnline range.
Please click here to visit our new YouTube channel  & subscribe so you won't miss any updates.

GuitarsOnline Performance Showcase

At GuitarsOnline, we love to profile and showcase Australia’s leading talent.

In our new Performance Showcase, we feature Australia’s leading and up and coming classical guitarists, playing from our range of the world’s finest classical guitars, from Australia & Europe’s greatest luthier craftsmen.

In addition to showcasing this talent, it is designed to help you in your quest to find your next guitar, as our guest performers bring to life the experience of testing our range of classic guitars.

We have just uploaded a new batch of 46 recordings - the result of a very busy day with a multi-camera videographer, a host of guitar professionals and up-and-coming players. The recordings also feature AMEB repertoire, which will enable students to evaluate what the different models can deliver in AMEB exam situations.

In this latest recording session, the invited guest was AMEB examiner Giuseppe Zangari. Players may find it useful to know what the exam performance standard is.

Some players missed out on the day and the good news is that we will be holding recording days on an ongoing basis. So, if you are keen for your moment of fame drop me a line.

To visit our new Performance Showcase area, please click here

Announcing Our new Almansa range

Almansa - Making handcrafted guitars
Guitarsonline is proud to add another brand to its range to deliver even greater value. – the Almansa range of Spanish guitars.

This Almansa guitar range, offers an economical guitar brand alternative to up and coming players. To see the new Almansa guitar models and the great value for money prices
Please click here to go to our Almansa section:

To see the new models in action, please visit our YouTube channel here, which profiles our Almansa range being played by the leading Australian classical guitarist Giuseppe Zangari, ( **

Featured teacher - Giuseppe Zangari

You would have seen Giuseppe Zangari on many of the GuitarsOnline guitar videos.

If you're Sydney based & would like to improve your guitar playing or explore new repertoire he is the principal of the Sydney Guitar School & has a range of Sydney Conservatorium trained teachers working out of two convenient locations.

Read more about Giuseppe Zangari

Featured composer - Marian Budos

 In this month's Featured Composer series, I'd like to introduce to you all to Marian Budos.

I first met Marian in Canberra a few year ago when Marian was trying to buy a new, traditional sounding Spanish guitar.

He chose a Jose Maria Vilaplana model that he has since played and used to compose his guitar music.

Read more about Marian Budos 

Revolutionary new Guitar Teaching method launched by Roger Pell

Featured New Guitar Teaching Method: Macrocosm Roger has been working on his Macrocosm guitar method and refining it for years I remember seeing the drafts five years ago and being immensely impressed. So I asked him to do feature introducing his method and the thinking behind it. It makes fascinating reading!
Read more about the new Macrocosm guitar teaching method

Upcoming Events

 It's a very busy time of the year, with ensemble events and festivals locked into our calendar. Make sure they're locked into yours too.

CGSV Ensemble Event
Melbourne’s premier ensemble event @ MLC
Saturday 19 August 5 - 6.45pm

Guitar Passion
6-18 November

Sydney Classical Guitar School
January 2018

Taranaki Guitar School
5-20 Jan 2018

To help everyone keep track of what's-on, we're created a new Events Guide on our website.

To view our new Event's Guide, please click here,

One final simple request, please.

As you can see, here at GuitarsOnline, we're all about supporting and developing Australian talent, so the more you spread the word, the more you share and tell your friends, the more we can promote and showcase our incredible local talent.

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Pierre Herrero