Revolutionary new Guitar Teaching method just launched by Roger Pell

Roger Pell

Featured New Guitar Teaching Method: Macrocosmos

Roger has been working on his Macrocosmos guitar method and refining it for years I remember seeing the drafts five years ago and being immensely impressed. So I asked him to do feature introducing his method and the thinking behind it.

It makes fascinating reading!

In 1956 I was going to school in Kensington England. The home my parents rented had a piano, and I enjoyed rhythmically improvising sound patterns on it. In this respect nothing has changed except for the fact, I exchanged the piano for a guitar. I now understand that pattern making is not a branch of maths but is indeed its trunk.

There is nothing new about ideas, and communicating well is also common enough. However to amalgamate these two concepts requires a high degree of creative brain functioning, which I studied at Arizona University with professor David Woods.

Most guitarists initially approach the instrument instinctively, that is how I played sounds in 1956. The challenge for the guitarist is that unlike the other three harmonic instruments, piano, harp and vibraphone, the guitar has a chromatic layout that reveals unisons. Therefore, to name the note you play and to finger its position within a harmonic context requires a different pattern making response compared to the other three instruments. Knowing this goes a long way to explain the many contrasting attitudes to playing music on guitar.

 I have been a teacher, composer, sculptor, and author for most of my life and am fascinated by the emotional response felt by humanity in general to music in particular. Some people pen autobiographies; I decided to write Macrocosmos for Guitar.   


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