This Month's GuitarsOnline Featured Composer - Marian Budos

composer - Marian Budos
Photo: Sam Birch, National Archives of Australia, 2014

In this month's Featured Composer series, I'd like to introduce to you all Marian Budos.

I first met Marian in Canberra a few year ago when Marian was trying to buy a new, traditional sounding Spanish guitar. He chose a Jose Maria Vilaplana model that he has since played and used to compose his guitar music.

Over the last 30 years, Marian has been commissioned to write dozens of compositions that feature guitar - from solo works to concertos with orchestra. His guitar compositions also won a number of prestigious awards (e.g. SOZA Composer of the Year).

He has written new works for renowned guitarists, including John Couch (NZ), Tonie Field (Melbourne), Jan Labant (Slovakia), Peter Remenik (Slovakia), Remi Boucher (Canada), Teo Dimov (France), Tony Morris (USA) of Classical Guitar Alive! fame, New Zealand Guitar Quartet, Satori Quartet (Germany), VCA Guitar orchestra (Melbourne),  Duo LaBarre (Slovakia), JGO (Germany) and Nautilus - Marian’s own Canberra based guitar quartet with his fellow players Leslie Spencer, Mark Norton and Allan Spencer).


Renowned guitarist John Couch playing the Marian Budos composition "Elza" in the GuitarsOnline Performance Showcase


Marian’s two guitar pieces The Magic Lute and Linn Linnaeus (from John Couches disc Ask Me Tomorrow ) have been regularly broadcast on ABC Classic FM since the release of the disc in 2015.

Marian’s three guitars concertos from the album Heart on a Sleeve, released on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, Spotify, etc.) have been played repeatedly on the hugely successful US radio show Classical Guitar Alive! 

Marian’s guitar music has also been broadcast on national radios in Germany, Slovakia, Cuba and New Zealand.

To listen to Marian’s music, please visit:

For printed music, biography and more, please visit Marian’s Australian Music Centre page:

For up-to-date catalogue of Marian’s music, please check his web site:

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