Featuring : Richard Charlton - A Musical Life

In this special feature, we will showcase the musical life of the Australian guitarist/composer Richard Charlton. 

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Richard is a prolific composer and has featured in over 30 CD's.

In 2004 Richard was awarded Instrumental work of the year at the Apra/AMC Classical Music awards for his quartet Stoneworks.

He was a founding member of the Sydney Guitar Quartet in 1981 and he presently performs with the Sydney Guitar Trio with Raffaele and Janet Agostino.

In March 2005 the UK Magazine Classical Guitar described him “as producing some of the most inspired and accessible guitar works of the present era”


Performance of Richard Charlton's Great Barrier at the 2013 Guitar Summer School sponsored by The Classical Guitar Society, Sydney. Video recording by Anthony Lee


I Have known Richard for many years and have seen him in action conducting guitar ensembles at Ascham and the Sydney Classical Guitars Summer school and have often been beguiled by his wonderfully inventive guitar ensemble pieces and his inventiveness.

It’s a life-long love of guitar music resulting in a prolific body of work - and now available on his website here at www.richardcharlton.com.au.


A stunning recording of Richard's piece Black Cockatoo,  performed by the incredibly talented Australian, Stephanie Jones.  


So when I recently caught up with Richard and asked him what he was up to since his semi-retirement. He looked a little puzzled and said he seems to be busier than ever with new compositions galore in the works! 

Richard is looking forward to the premiere of his 8th Quartet – “Five Tails in Cold Blood” by Guitar Trek on 16 Nov in Sydney. This was commissioned by a private supporter, Bill McIntyre in Canberra, to celebrate Trek’s 30th Anniversary.

Full details of this event, can be found on the Guitar Passion website here:

For the past few months Katie Noonan & Karin Schaupp have been touring the country with their new album “Under Latin Skies” for which Richard did four arrangements, (along with Ken Murray & Doug de Vries)

Richard is undertaking some guitar and cello arrangements for Karin and cellist Umberto Clerici. They will be recording an album shortly.

In addition, he’s been doing some work for various schools, including a choral work for Sydney Grammar St. Ives Prep; a new guitar ensemble piece for St Laurence College in Brisbane and workshops for Haileybury College in Melbourne.

Special Richard Charlton Features.

Hear a tutorial by Richard on playing his MEB grade 3 piece “Cantilena. 


A brief tutorial about how I would approach learning my guitar piece Cantilena from my first set of "Afterthoughts". This is in the AMEB Third Grade exam syllabus. 


Richard Charlton: Sonata Of Forgotten Dreams


Richard Charlton speaks about his new work, the new tunings and inspiration behind his 4-part solo composition, Sonata Of Forgotten Dreams, written for and premiered by Timothy Kain 


Richard Charlton @ the 2016 Adelaide International Guitar Festival

Conducting the 80 member ensemble was especially formed from school and uni students, teachers and keen amateurs - under the combined direction of Dr Paul Svoboda & Richard Charlton.

"The Captain's Clocks" composed & conducted by Richard Charlton. 

Soloists: Alexandra Herreen and Yanni Livadiotis - Narrator: Liam Ellis

A performance by the AIGF Orchestra at the Adelaide Town Hall on 14 August as part of the 2016 Adelaide International Guitar Festival. This 80 member ensemble was especially formed from school & uni students, teachers & keen amateurs - under the combined direction of Dr Paul Svoboda & Richard Charlton.

For further details of Richard and his work, you can visit his website at: www.richardcharlton.com.au.





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