December 2017 Newsletter


December, 2017 Newsletter


At GuitarsOnline, we select the best guitars worldwide to bring superb tone and pleasure, while showcasing Australia’s leading up and coming classical guitarists, playing the world’s finest classical guitars.


In our Christmas special - it's all about you - with our new "Special Gift, for Someone Special" Christmas gift packages, updates on our new guitar arrivals & a special review of special sights & sounds from my recent visit to Spain. "

This month's newsletter is full of enticing new content, including:


  • Something Special, for Someone Special this Christmas - If you're looking for a special gift for that someone special this Christmas, we've put together a range of special packages to suit all budgets. click here for all the details
  • New Product Arrivals - Following on from my recent trip to Spain, our new shipments have started to arrive - stunning new models from Felipe Conde, Alhambra, Paulino Bernabe, Angel Benito Aguado, Juan Hernandez and Manuel Adalid  click for more details
  • Plus - a special feature on the sights and sounds from some incredible performances from my recent trip: including Rafael Riqueni at Café Berlin and an amazing private backroom "Flamenco Juerga" performance from El Perla and friends. click here to find out
  • Not to forget all the upcoming events, including the Daniel Nistico, Latin Amerian Journey   click for the details 

Ever wondered how that special guitar would take your playing to the next level? Give Pierre a call and let him explain the best options.

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Something Special, for Someone Special" this Christmas

That someone special in your life has worked so hard this year, and they deserve something this year for Christmas. 

They’ve always loved classical guitar - the excitement, the responsiveness, the tone.  They admire the quality and tradition of a hand-made classic.

It’s been so many years.  They keep promising ... one day ... to invest in an instrument that will bring their playing back to life!

Make this the day.  Do something special, for that someone special, this Christmas. (especially if that someone special is YOU)

Give them the gift they will never forget ...  

  the gift of a stunning handmade Spanish classical guitar. 

Click here to view all the special Christmas Packages - there might even be something special for you too!

Package 1 - Student Special : $495 (a $825 value)

Alhambra Z Natural Spanish Guitar + Quality Archtop Hard Guitar Case + Professional Lesson + Expert Guitar and Playing Style Consultation Service

Package 2 - Something Special : $995 (a $1,345 value)

Alhambra 3C Spanish Guitar + Quality Archtop Hard Guitar Case + Professional Lesson + Expert Guitar and Playing Style Consultation Service

Package 3 - Advanced Study Package
Something Very Special : $1995 (a $2395 value)

Alhambra 50 Anniversary 7C + Quality Archtop Hard Guitar Case + Professional Lesson + Expert Guitar and Playing Style Consultation Service

Package 4 - Concert package
Something Very, Very Special : $3995 (a $4500 value)

Juan Hernandez Guitars Especial + Quality Archtop Hard Guitar Case + Professional Lesson + Expert Guitar and Playing Style Consultation Service

Package 5 - The Promise of Something Special : $49 (a $175 value)

If you're just not 100% sure where to start (and neither is your loved one), we also offer a special service that we call "the Promise of Something Special"

Click here to view all the special Christmas Packages - there might even be something special for you too!

Guitar Notes" - Latest products and news from my recent visit to Spain


I know that a few months travelling around the luthiers of Spain, listening, talking, playing and testing the latest models from Spain's best luthiers sounds like fun!!! (but it really was hard work!! 

A few notes, to fill you in on what I found!

Alhambra Guitars

Value for Money models - Alhambra Z Natural and Alhambra 1C

School Ensemble Playing guitars - Alhambra Z Natural and if you need amplification the unbeatable Z Natural CW with Fishman onboard.

Crossover III E2- This is the biggest selling professional recording guitar. It has unrivalled playing set up, it delivers superbly rich bases and Chrystal clear trebles and amplifies and records like a dream. Make the change - it will be a career changer!

Midrange Winners- Iberia ZiricoteAlhambra Anniversary MahoganyAlhambra Anniversary Rosewood. These three new 50th Anniversary models have proven to be terrific. A combination of new technology, superb resonant tone woods have delivered excitement, class, power and projection into the $1000-2000 price range.

10P Premier- I played the new Alhambra 10P version for the first time three weeks ago at the Alhambra workshop. I always liked the 10P and have described it as the closest thing a player is likely to find to a concert at advanced student prices. And the new 10 is even better. More rounded, silky bases. beautiful balance.

Margarit and Mengual Luthier Ziricote - This is the top guitar of the new 50th Anniversary range.  The dense Ziricote delivers chocolatey, unctuous bases, while the Cedar top delivers projection and sophistication. This is definitely a guitar for grownups!

Vilaplana NT- The top guitar to come out of the Vilaplana workshop and played by the winner of the 2017 Segovia International Competition. They only had two and as they are so hard to obtain and are both so outstanding I bought them both to Australia.  Come and try them!

Juan Hernandez Guitars

From small beginnings Juan Hernandez are taking up more and more of our display space. This is a niche range little known outside specialist Spanish circles. As a small boutique workshop of the Esteve brand, they use only high end solid tone woods, made in small scale traditional craft ways. They have in common superb left-hand playability and full Spanish sound with round rich tone and projection.

Juan Hernandez- Guitars Online Special- A new model we commissioned to be built for Australian Players- A new model to replace the Paulino Bernabe 5 delivering the strong projection and string separation of a lattice with the colour and of a Spanish Fan braced at an unbeatable price. The sound has a strong Spanish characteristic, very loud while the playability is surprisingly easy. The guitar is very vibrant against the body, while projecting quite nicely, suitable for recitals and performance, university, conservatory.

7 String Guitar- I have often been asked for Brazilian 7 Strings and up until now has never found one that I felt ticked all the boxes. You be the judge!

Juan Hernandez 8 - A solid top/solid Indian Rosewood, with full bodied Spanish sound delivering roundness and rich tonality under $2000? Yes really!

Juan Hernandez 11- We are fortunate to have these back in stock. A great guitar in every way. Beautiful playability on the left hand with superb set up and comfort; all solid wood with the overall result being a rounder, louder and richer tone with more projection.

Juan Hernandez 12 – This model is incredible value. Appropriately it features a 12-hole bridge which improves projection and performance of the Cedar top, together with the Pau Ferro back and sides, the result being a rounder, louder and richer tone with more projection, even more than the Juan Hernandez 11 which is a great guitar.

Maestro - One of the top of the range Juan Hernandez Guitars, and the best I played in the workshop on this visit.  Its interpretation was charming, beautiful and balanced. I just could not leave it there!

For more updates on our other new products, including Paulino Bernabe, Angel Benito Aguado, Felipe Conde & Manuel Adalid, please click here



"Spanish Guitar Travels" - updates and reviews of the music of Spain

While in Spain as well as visiting makers and testing guitars during the day, there is keeping up with guitar performances and playing during the evenings. Madrid in particular is a hub of musical activity at any time of the year but Jerez de la Frontera, Cordoba, Sevilla and Valencia offer a huge range of guitar activities and spectacles from June-September.

Rafael Riqueni performance of Parque de Maria Luisa, at Café Berlin

Rafael Riqueni at Café Berlin. Performing his album - Parque Maria Luisa it was standing room only.

Concerts in Spain often do not start until 11.00pm, midnight even 1.00am! So maybe have a siesta!


Casa Patas-There are a number of good flamenco venues like Torres Bermejas, el Corral de la Moreria but a cult venue is Casa Patas.

A flamenco theatre and restaurant, Casa Patas is the best place to see flamenco dance and music performances in Madrid. The well-known flamenco theatre books dancers and musicians from Madrid as well as southern Spain.

I always try to catch the shows at Casa Patas and this time I got lucky as I was with Felipe Conde my long-term flamenco guitar supplier and we were allowed into the after party or ‘Flamenco Juerga’, where the artists play amongst themselves to relax. This time it was El Perla and his cuadrilla.  A rare display of ‘Duende” (flamenco spirit/magic). The only downside it starts at 3.00 am till morning. …. but I guarantee you’ll never forget it!

El Perla and his caudrilla - backroom afterparty at Casa Patas


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