Juan Hernández - Maestro Especial Double Top

Juan Hernández - Maestro Especial Double Top


The top models of the range featuring double top construction (nomex) with elevated fingerboard. Solid Amazonian Rosewood (Dalbergia Spruceana), shellac (French Polished) soundboard, ebony fingerboard, hand engraved Fustero tuners. This is a deluxe world-class concert guitar taking the lead from German double top builders Matthias Dammann and Dieter Hopf and played by David Russell and Manuel Barrueco prized for their volume, musicality, sustain and ease of playing. The waiting lists for double tops is 7-10 years and the cost runs at $38.000.00

Double top construction.  Dammann pioneered what is commonly known as the sandwich or Nomex top.  A number of luthiers are doing this now and to my ear they are improving on the tone and musicality of the original concept. Double tops consist of layering basically, one layer of tone wood, then the DuPont fibre Nomex, then another layer. Sometimes the wood layers are the same kind of wood, or sometimes they are different. E.g. Cedar/Cedar or Cedar/Spruce if you want a brighter sound. It is unusual to find a Spruce/Spruce combination since, much like lattice, it can be dominated by high frequencies and hard to control.

The idea with double top construction is that you get a superior strength to weight ratio vis-a-vis the thickness. Super quick response and high volume. Makers such as Yulong Guo and Juan Hernandez are even adding lattice bracing to sandwich tops to get a super loud guitar that sounds good. The key with lattice bracing seems to be getting the thin bracing strips right, and in my opinion with no carbon fibre filler just wood.

Playability.  Typically double tops incorporate the latest technologies in guitar building such as a raised Humphrey fretboard and armrest so are very easy on the left hand and due to their sustain and volume are very easy for the right hand to drive and bring out the melodic and harmonic lines.

Another advantage of the lower weight of the top and superior strength to weight ratio vis-a-vis the thickness is that the top does not need to be driven by high tension strings. A major advantage at a time when guitarists are increasingly reporting repetitive strains and injury.

Harmony Central comment

“Dear Paul,  The construction, craftsmanship, quality and appearance are beautiful. Excellent! The playability is excellent, too. Fine! And the tone (a real Spanish tone but balanced, too) and the possibilities concerning the modulation of the tone are marvelous, too! All in all, these two Spanish classical guitars are really majestic instruments of their category and truly inspiring! Thanks so much for these two instrument icons.”


  • Scale – 650
  • Top – Cedar or Spruce Double Top
  • Back and Sides – Solid Indian Rosewood
  • Fret board – Ebony
  • Machine heads – Gold
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