"Guitar Notes" - Paulino Bernabe, Angel Benito Aguado, Felipe Conde & Manuel Adalid

More news from my luthier visits in Spain - this time news and updates from Paulino Bernabe, Angel Benito Aguado, Felipe Conde & Manuel Adalid 

Paulino Bernabe

Paulino Bernabe 15 - You’ll notice detail in the individual notes and tonally it offers Paulino’s signature clear and rounded and polished singing trebles. These are balanced well against profound but well-defined basses. It delivers projection and musicality.

Paulino Bernabe 50 - a handmade classical guitar for concert performances built by a maker at the peak of his powers, it delivers a romantic, haunting and enveloping Spanish sound. The trebles are clear and polished, the basses profound and firm. The guitar has excellent separation and balance. And, its comfortable set up makes it a pleasure to play.

 Angel Benito Aguado

Marizapalos Ease of playing, lyrical chromaticism and tonal colour – this one just has it all. The Marizapalos 640 short scale holds strong appeal to injured players and smaller hands.

Felipe Conde

Flamenco Negra, Felipe Conde CW Fishman Problend - Just arrived - I love the strong definition of the trebles this Flamenco guitar delivers and the punchiness and attack. Once you pull back it becomes mellow and dark perfect for Brazilian and world music.

Santos Yago playing our new FC14N


Santos Yago playing the Cutaway version our new FC14NCW


Manuel Adalid

Cathedral - Double top guitars are taking over the world stage- The Cathedral delivers string separation, projection ad warmth with clear powerful trebles and profound responsive bases. Without doubt one of the top three guitars I have bought this year.

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