Announcing our new range - Almansa Guitars

Almansa - Making handcrafted guitars:

Guitarsonline is proud to add another brand to its range to deliver even greater value. – the Almansa range of Spanish guitars.

This Almansa guitar range, offers an economical guitar brand alternative to up and coming players.

To see the new Almansa guitar models and the great value for money prices please click here to go to our Almansa section:

To see the new models in action, please visit our YouTube channel here, which profiles our Almansa range being played by the leading Australian classical guitarist Giuseppe Zangari,

Over the many years I spent in Spain Alhambra was regarded as No 1 and Almansa as No 2 in all the quality dedicated guitar stores. Years later revisiting these stores I found that Alhambra was still the number 1 brand and Almansa no 2, all others receding into the background.

 In the words of the Almansa craftsmen ...

Guitarras Almansa was established in 1989, founded by professionals from the field, in order to manufacture Classical and Flamenco guitars with a high level craftsmanship.

We trained our workers under the distinct influence of the Madrid School and with the vast experience of local master guitar makers who joined our project. After an intensive apprenticeship and under the supervision of our masters these specialised workers started to make their first guitars for the European markets.  

With a reputation for quality and price performance, we offer Student, Conservatory and Concert instruments, in an attempt to respond both to the needs of beginners who want a fully guaranteed, effective instruments crowned by our Professional models that re imbued with a definite personality.

 We are located in Alicante and we manufacture in the classic and flamenco range a whole range of scale lengths (1/2 guitars and Cadete guitars), as well as cutaway guitars equipped with preamp systems.

 After this period of time, we hope to carry on with our country’s guitar tradition in an effort not to fail the enormous heritage left to us by our predecessors.