Special Performance Edition Newsletter

We have four key playing opportunities coming up you may want to put into your calendar:

  1. Guitarsonline Recording OpportunitesWe recently held a recording day at GOL, and we have another coming up on July 12. See below GOL invitation place link to below GOL invitation)
  2. Melbourne Guitar Foundation (MGF) competition. GOL are proud sponsors of the cash prizes for beginner, intermediate and advanced. See below MGF)
  3. Sydney Classical Guitar School in Jan 2018. GOL both exhibits guitars throughout the summer school http://www.classicalguitarsydney.org/ and provides two bursaries for students to attend. If you would like to apply for one of the scholarships please contact me  for application details.
  4. Taranaki Guitar School 15-20 Jan 2018 This is a great event run by John Couch and attracting international player, this is rapidly becoming a must-do – and all set against the backdrop of NZ’s stunning Taranaki. What more could you ask for?! For more details head to http://www.taranakisummerschool.com/

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