June 2017 Newsletter

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GuitarsOnline June 2017 Newsletter

 Our "Video Showroom"

Saturday, 3 June was a special day here at GuitarsOnline. We lined up a multi-camera videographer, a host of guitar professionals and up-and-coming players and set about recording GOL 48 new models and guitars from our range.
What a day! I would like to thank everyone who came, waited patiently for their curtain call and then shone like the star when the camera came ON! Your support, professionalism and effortless mastery was vastly appreciated during a day packed with back to back recordings. All the more remarkable since every recording was done in one take with no editing or sound effects. The level of preparation and musicality was palpable in the room.

I am fortunate to see so much talent coming through the Guitarsonline showroom and our recording day highlighted the wealth of skill and passion in our players.  The future of Australian guitar is very bright indeed.

The new demos are now up on the Guitarsonline.com.au website; 48 new recordings spanning entry level to concert models and covering most AMEB grade pieces up to concert.

Some players missed out on the day and the good news is that we will be holding another recording day on the 12 July. So, if you are keen for your moment of fame drop me a line.

Why so many videos?

Why did we record so many videos? To make it easier for you to find your next guitar…  over the years we have recorded hundreds of videos of our guitars being played to bring to life the experience of testing them. The recordings are always completely natural and without any added effects. If you are locally based in Victoria please visit the Guitarsonline showroom in Melbourne, or we can refer you to one of our dealers throughout the Australia.

We are really excited about our latest recording sessions! On 3 June, we re-recorded all our guitars including those in our Bargains/Clearance/Vintage section to give you an idea of just how good pre-loved guitars sound. We also recorded some new models for the first time.

Check out our new video section comparing guitars which will help answer questions that many you may have. These, together with the video “Choosing a new guitar part 2” should be helpful if you are looking for a new guitar or if you are looking to upgrade before the next exam - or just for the pleasure of playing a good guitar.

Featured teacher: John Couch

I first met John at the Sydney classical guitar Summer school and was immediately impressed with both his technique and musicality. So, when looking to re-record the Guitarsonline guitar line up I did not hesitate to contact John.


Thanks to John for his help in recording so intensively throughout the day. More remarkable since he gave up his only spare day between finishing his MBA, recording a new CD and touring New Zealand with his guitar quartet - see dates http://www.johncouch.net/concerts.html

For those of you looking for both a lovely NZ holiday and a challenging yet supportive musical environment John also runs the Taranaki Guitar School 15-20 Jan 2018 http://www.taranakisummerschool.com/

On Teaching

John is based in the Belconnen region of Canberra Australia, and has been teaching professionally since 1994 over a broad range of levels including students new to the classical guitar through to post graduates at University. He has presented master-classes in Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia and has been employed as guitar tutor at the Australian National University (ANU) and Waikato University.

After completing his Masters in performance at the ANU where he studied music education alongside his performance degree; in particular the application of various teaching techniques and philosophies to elementary guitar, he has written his own method aimed at children aged 6-10. His vision for these students is to introduce the basics of music and guitar playing while enjoying the art of music making in a positive environment, leaving the student well set up should they wish to further their studies. John has put over 250 students through the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) and Trinity syllabuses and not one has failed their exam under his tutorage. John has a strong knowledge of the student repertoire at all the AMEB and Trinity levels and has recorded over 600 student works from syllabuses. Lessons are usually half an hour long depending on the level of the student. When students are able to play at the AMEB grade five level, these students should consider a three-quarter hour lesson, although this level is usually attained after five to six years of study and progression.  Contact John regarding lessons via email or phone 0407 484 727.

Featured Repairer - Peter Meyer

I have no hesitation in recommending Peter since as an importer and distributor of fine guitar over many years. I often have people wanting to adjust their guitars, wanting to refresh lacquer work or needing to repair damage. Over the years I have found that there are many fine repairers but most are focused on steel and electrical guitar set-ups. This is a whole different work from Classical and Flamenco guitar. Especially when you have complex bracing systems involved in high end guitars. So, over the past 15 years I have found Peter Meyer to be unfailingly reliable at hunting down that elusive buzz, that annoying overtone or redoing lacquer work.

I have been sending work his way for years and he has never let me down and as an importer I have to be demanding. So, if your guitar needs TLC, have a chat with Peter.

In his own words

I have been building & repairing classical guitars for over 15 years. Trained by Chris Wynne in acoustic guitar building and since 2005 have been the Head of Repairs at Hans Music Spot in Croydon. I repair and restore all stringed instruments, including guitars, ethnic, folk & orchestral instruments. However, I specialise in classical & flamenco guitar setup, bracing repair or modification and pickup installation for acoustic instruments. I can be contacted on 0411 441 681.


Paris Cat (6 Goldie Place Melbourne)

  • Sergio Ercole Trio- playing at Paris Cat this Friday June 16 at Paris Cat 7pm.
  • Thomas Lorenzo Trio-Flamenco Jazz Paying Paris Cat Wed June 28 8pm
  • Nathan Slater Quartet Paris Cat - 6 July 8.30
  • Lulo Reinhart and Bart Stenhouse Gypsy Jazz Sat 15 July 7Pm

Ziggy and Miles Johnston

Victoria - Montrose Town Centre: Yarra Ranges Council's Classical Tracks
13 August Pre-concert talk: 1:00-1:20pm Concert: 2:00-3:00pm

Queensland - Magda Community Artz: Guitar Brisbane
2 July, 2:30-4:30pm

Canberra - House Concert
16 July, 6:00-7:00pm


  • CGSV Ensemble Event – Melbourne’s premier ensemble event @ MLC Saturday 17 August 5-6.45
  • Guitar Passion 16-18 of November www.classicalguitarfestival.sydney
  • Sydney Classical Guitar School -Jan 2018 www.classicalguitarfestival.sydney
  • Taranaki Guitar School 15-20 Jan 2018 http://www.taranakisummerschool.com/

Pierre Herrero

Managing Director
Spanish Guitar Imports
Eureka Management Pty Ltd
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