"Spanish Guitar Travels" - incredible El Perla performance at Casa Patas

Casa Patas-There are a number of good flamenco venues like Torres Bermejas, el Corral de la Moreria but a cult venue is Casa Patas.

A flamenco theatre and restaurant, Casa Patas is the best place to see flamenco dance and music performances in Madrid. The well-known flamenco theatre books dancers and musicians from Madrid as well as southern Spain.

I always try to catch the shows at Casa Patas and this time I got lucky as I was with Felipe Conde my long-term flamenco guitar supplier and we were allowed into the after party or ‘Flamenco Juerga’, where the artists play amongst themselves to relax. This time it was El Perla and his cuadrilla.  A rare display of ‘Duende” (flamenco spirit/magic). The only downside it starts at 3.00 am till morning. …. but I guarantee you’ll never forget it!

El Perla and his caudrilla - backroom afterparty at Casa Patas


Look out for part 2 of my Guitar Travels, eyes and ears - a very special backroom, private "after party" performance!

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