"Spanish Guitar Travels" - Rafael Riqueni performance at Café Berlin

While in Spain as well as visiting makers and testing guitars during the day, there is keeping up with guitar performances and playing during the evenings. Madrid in particular is a hub of musical activity at any time of the year but Jerez de la Frontera, Cordoba, Sevilla and Valencia offer a huge range of guitar activities and spectacles from June-September.

There were two performances that stood out for me this time - the first was:

Rafael Riqueni - Parque de Maria Luisa

Rafael Riqueni at Café Berlin. Performing his album - Parque Maria Luisa it was standing room only.

Concerts in Spain often do not start until 11.00pm, midnight even 1.00am! So maybe have a siesta!


Interview with Rafael Riqueni about the making of the album which took over four years. (Please note interview is in Spanish.


Look out for part 2 of my Guitar Travels, eyes and ears - a very special backroom, private "after party" performance!

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