"Guitar Notes" - Juan Hernandez - news from my trip to Spain

From small beginnings Juan Hernandez are taking up more and more of our display space. This is a niche range little known outside specialist Spanish circles. As a small boutique workshop of the Esteve brand, they use only high end solid tone woods, made in small scale traditional craft ways. They have in common superb left-hand playability and full Spanish sound with round rich tone and projection.

Juan Hernandez- Guitars Online Special- A new model we commissioned to be built for Australian Players- A new model to replace the Paulino Bernabe 5 delivering the strong projection and string separation of a lattice with the colour and of a Spanish Fan braced at an unbeatable price. The sound has a strong Spanish characteristic, very loud while the playability is surprisingly easy. The guitar is very vibrant against the body, while projecting quite nicely, suitable for recitals and performance, university, conservatory.

7 String Guitar- I have often been asked for Brazilian 7 Strings and up until now has never found one that I felt ticked all the boxes. You be the judge!

Juan Hernandez 8 - A solid top/solid Indian Rosewood, with full bodied Spanish sound delivering roundness and rich tonality under $2000? Yes really!

Juan Hernandez 11- We are fortunate to have these back in stock. A great guitar in every way. Beautiful playability on the left hand with superb set up and comfort; all solid wood with the overall result being a rounder, louder and richer tone with more projection.

Juan Hernandez 12 – This model is incredible value. Appropriately it features a 12-hole bridge which improves projection and performance of the Cedar top, together with the Pau Ferro back and sides, the result being a rounder, louder and richer tone with more projection, even more than the Juan Hernandez 11 which is a great guitar.

Maestro - One of the top of the range Juan Hernandez Guitars, and the best I played in the workshop on this visit.  Its interpretation was charming, beautiful and balanced. I just could not leave it there!

Don't forget, if you have any questions regarding any of our new models, or you would like to organise a visit into our showroom to play any of our models, just drop me a line. 


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