Introducing Thomas Lorenzo


Thomas Lorenzo - Composer, guitarist

“My mission is to develop inner creativity, a personal voice thriving for excellence, and entertain Australian audiences with music that is a reflection of uniqueness and creativity!”

Thomas Lorenzo is a world renowned and award-winning guitarist, composer and music educator.

Thomas Lorenzo is a world renowned and award-winning guitarist, composer and music educator. His family fled the oppression of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco’s iron fist in the 1950s. They arrived in Australia, where they raised their son Thomas, who fell in love with the classical guitar of his birth country. 

He learned traditional flamenco songs that his family and other members of the Spanish diaspora kept alive in Melbourne. When Franco died in 1975 the Lorenzo family returned to Spain, where Thomas continued his guitar studies, growing in expertise and acclaim. In 2012 he returned to live in Carnegie where he has a teaching academy.  

Thomas has released five solo instrumental albums and 12 singles in contemporary Jazz, Blues and Flamenco styles. His latest release Spanish Breeze debuted at #36 on the Top 50 JazzWeek World Music Album Charts in 2010 .The album features Grammy nominee Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report, Grateful Dead) on Bass, Walfredo Reyes (Chicago) on Drums; produced by Grammy nominee Bruce Sugar (Ringo Starr).

Thomas appears an ABC Get Kracking 2017, The Frankston Cube, and 18 times at the Armadale Uniting Hall 2016-2018

Music Production

Thomas learnt his production skills at Berklee College of Music alongside producers as Don Puluse ( Miles Davis, Sly Stone). He has combined industry expertise and knowledge with commercial acumen to produce numerous CDs, manage the promotion and marketing for online sales as well as providing tour management and promotion for live concert sales including securing public funding for live tours.

Musical Educator

Thomas has a prolific musical education background. In the early nineties he graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA  under the supervision of Grammy award winner Robert Freedman. He has taught and lectured in a number or significant musical institutions including Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and  “L’ Aula de Musica Moderna i Jazz” of The Barcelona Liceo Conservatory.

In 1995 Thomas Lorenzo was commissioned by the Spanish Society of Authors to write the first Spanish text book on arranging and orchestration. The text book “El Arreglo, Un Puzzle de Expresión musical” is now in its third edition and extensively used throughout the world in Spanish language music schools, universities and conservatories.

Currently Thomas teaches guitar and music in private tuition and group workshop settings. Although he comes from a deeply technical and theoretical background, Thomas’ teaching method is very practical. He likes to keep everything simple and custom tailors theoretical content to suit the individual’s natural musical learning abilities.  Thomas is focused on helping individuals explore their innate musical talents, express their unique creativity and most importantly feel good about life.



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