The Opal Guitars Quartet - GuitarsOnline Performance Showcase

Opal Guitars Quartet
Performing: Black Opal by Phillip Houghton
GuitarsOnline Performance Showcase

Black Opal is the first movement from Phillip Houghton's Opals suite. Inspired by the colours found in the black opal Houghton explores the tonal capabilities of the instrument.
The Opal Guitar Quartet from left to right is Caleb Lavery-Brook, James Rawley, Emanuel Auciello and Dylan Boller.



Opal Guitars Quartet

Performing: Ráfagas I by Federico Moreno-Torroba

GuitarsOnline Performance Showcase

Roughly translated as 'a strong gust of wind’ the first movement of the suite Ráfagas is energetic and uses folk-inspired melodies. Torroba cleverly utilises the voicing of the instruments to weave the melodies through the parts while maintaining a steady and memorable tune.


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