"Guitar Notes" - Alhambra - Latest products & news from my recent luthier visits

I know that a few months travelling around the luthiers of Spain, listening, talking, playing and testing the latest models from Spain's best luthiers sounds like fun!!! (but it really was hard work!! 

A few notes, to fill you in on what I found!

Value for Money models - Alhambra Z Natural and Alhambra 1C

School Ensemble Playing guitars - Alhambra Z Natural and if you need amplification the unbeatable Z Natural CW with Fishman onboard.

Crossover III E2- This is the biggest selling professional recording guitar. It has unrivalled playing set up, it delivers superbly rich bases and Chrystal clear trebles and amplifies and records like a dream. Make the change - it will be a career changer!

Midrange Winners- Iberia Ziricote, Alhambra Anniversary Mahogany, Alhambra Anniversary Rosewood. These three new 50th Anniversary models have proven to be terrific. A combination of new technology, superb resonant tone woods have delivered excitement, class, power and projection into the $1000-2000 price range.

10P Premier- I played the new Alhambra 10P version for the first time three weeks ago at the Alhambra workshop. I always liked the 10P and have described it as the closest thing a player is likely to find to a concert at advanced student prices. And the new 10 is even better. More rounded, silky bases. beautiful balance.

Margarit and Mengual Luthier Ziricote - This is the top guitar of the new 50th Anniversary range.  The dense Ziricote delivers chocolatey, unctuous bases, while the Cedar top delivers projection and sophistication. This is definitely a guitar for grownups!

Vilaplana NT- The top guitar to come out of the Vilaplana workshop and played by the winner of the 2017 Segovia International Competition. They only had two and as they are so hard to obtain and are both so outstanding I bought them both to Australia.  Come and try them!