Flamenco Technique Masterclass Series - presented by Julian Rotin

Before Guitarsonline there was flamenconline. A site I started to feed my flamenco interest. We featured guitars, maker bios, flamenco scores and music.  This original site became Guitarsonline as we broadened into classical and electroacoustic guitar. Through all this time a constant has been questions about flamenco technique the differences, the similarities.

Let it be said that the joke  “ there were three Spaniards in a café and four opinions” applies to flamenco more than to any other subject, players disagree on most things most passionately and have their own way of doing things (which goes without saying is the only “proper” way).

In any case here is our small contribution; we thought we should start our lesson series featuring some of the key techniques a classical player could usefully add to their toolkit to open up new playing fields.

A big thank you to Julian Rotin for sharing his knowledge and passion.

Pierre Herreo, GuitarsOnline

Introduction:  Julian Rotin

We’ll be seeing more of Julian @ Guitarsonline and featuring more techniques, but if you would like to go into these techniques in more detail, please contact Julian via Guitarsonline or on 0411 834 796.

Delivered by: Julian Rotin

Duration: 4 min

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