Applying the Tremolo Sequence to Scales

Lesson Overview:  Applying the Tremolo Sequence to Scales

Lesson tips:

  • Applying the tremolo sequence (p-a-m-i) to scales can help your right hand technique in general
  • You can use apply this to any set of scales you want (Segovia scales, exam scales, etc.)
  • This reveals any rhythmic and dynamic inconsistencies in your right hand technique
  • This is much more challenging than just alternating with two fingers
  • Give a little bit of accent and weight to ‘p’ so that you’re always aware of the strong beat
  • Make sure that your arm moves across the strings to bring your hand to where it needs to go

Delivered by: Daniel Nistico

Suitable for:   Intermediate/advanced players wishing to improve their tremolo and/or scales.

Duration: 5 min



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