Closed World of Fine Feelings and Grand Design by Graeme Koehne​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A Closed World of Fine Feelings and Grand Design by Graeme Koehn

Today I just wanted to quickly share a video I made recently. It's a piece by Australian composer Graeme Koehne, titled A Closed World of Fine Feelings and Grand Design. I put a short biography of the composer in the video description.

I also wrote a poem that was inspired by the music - see below.

I strongly encourage you to write words or poetry about the pieces you're working on, as this can create powerful associations. Then when you play the music, you start thinking and communicating those associations, rather than things to do with technique etc. I believe that this can also help your memorization process too.

I'd love to hear your words or poems if you feel like sharing them.

Happy plucking!

Graeme Koehne's Biography (b. 1956, Adelaide, South Australia)

"For anyone who believes that the great tradition of classical music must re-connect with a sense of contemporary vitality, the music of Graeme Koehne attracts avid interest and attention.

The essence of music surrounds us all
And is also a reflection of our soul
From billowing clouds and rustling leaves
To joy and sorrow, contemplation and grief
From fantastical colors painted in the sky
To tears rolling slowly down from your eyes
From howling winds and thundering rain
To losing a loved one and feeling such pain
From murmuring crickets on a hot summer's night
To laughter after resolving a silly pointless fight
And moonlight glowing with stars twinkling above
Or the feelings you get when you first fall in love
Now do you feel the music surrounding us all?
It also reflects the essence of our soul



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