2009 Allan Bull Lattice

2009 Allan Bull Lattice


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2009 Allan Bull Lattice (new price $4,600)

  • Scale – 650

  • Top - Engelmann Spruce

  • Back and Sides – Sassafras

  • Fret board – Solid Ebony

  • Machine heads – Gold

  • Tuners - Gotoh

  • Neck width 53mm

    Condition: As new

Standard concert guitar features.

The lightweight soundboard is braced in an asymmetrical grid layout for responsiveness and evenness of support across the guitar's range with high structural integrity.

Standard thickness back and sides are reinforced with additional laminations and the back is arched and braceless. The light weight, compliant soundboard is joined to the rigid sides and back with solid quarter linings to maximise sustain and projection.

The neck is slim and is profiled for ease of playing. The shaft is supported by the neck block/cradle which extends to the first transverse brace for neck joint rigidity.

The length of each string is individually compensated at both nut and saddle to counter the effects of fretting and travel stretch and ensure accurate intonation on all strings at all points of the scale.

The fretboard is elevated above the soundboard to provide improved access to the frets beyond the body join.

The armrest removes the damping effect of the forearm on the soundboard and aids player comfort.

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