2012 John Price Lattice

2012 John Price Lattice


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2012 John Price Lattice ($6,000) in as new condition (new price $10,000)

In John's words ...  "Utilising both musicianship and cabinet making skills, I take an intuitive approach when designing and building these instruments.

My unique approach to the construction of the soundboard and the lattice that supports it greatly enhance the volume, tonal range and flexibility of nuance required in the modern style of guitar.

By coupling this type of soundboard with an arched, braceless back, sustain and projection are also greatly enhanced."


Offering a wonderful even tone and astounding resonance, the guitar has sung in concert halls around Australia, and overseas in Vietnam, Mallorca, New Zealand, Austria and Italy. Lattice-braced Cedar soundboard

  • Arched rosewood back

  • 650mm scale ebony fingerboard with extra 20th fret high ‘C’

  • High quality tuners with Ebony buttons.


This is one of the few second hand John Price guitars to come into the market over the last 15 years.

It is as new since the current owner has a number of guitars.

It plays beautifully with excellent volume and tonal range with beauty in the note.

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Jacob Cordover
Performing: Adios Nonino by Adios Nonino
GuitarsOnline Performance Showcase
Guitar : 2012 John Price Lattice

Meredith Connie
Performing: The Flight of the Lovers through the Valley of the Echoes by Leo Brouwer
GuitarsOnline Performance Showcase
Guitar : 2012 John Price Lattice