2019 Sydney Guitar Summer School

Now in its 26th year., the Classical Guitar Summer School is an annual event organised in January by the Classical Guitar Society, bringing together a mix of lectures, open lessons, ensembles and workshops designed for guitarist of different levels.

In the last 25+years the list of musicians that have tutored at the Summer School reads like a who’s who of guitar.  It includes William Kanengiser (USA), Carlos Bonell (UK), Claudio Maccari & Paolo Pugliese, (Italy), Omar Cyrulnik (Argentina), Peter Constant (Holland), Matthew Marshall (New Zealand), John Couch (New Zealand), Pavel Steidl (Czech), Denis Azabagic (USA), Mark Eden and Christopher Stell (England), Nuccio D’Angelo (Italy), Helen Sanderson (England), Vincent Lindsey-Clark (England), and Australians, Timothy Kain, Adrian Walter, Carolyn Kidd, Liesa Adlington, David Malone, Gregory Pikler, Paul Svoboda and Angelina Ellis.  Regular tutors Richard Charlton, Raffaele Agostino, Janet Agostino and Christopher Keane have been involved with the Summer School since 1995.

The Summer School concludes with a number of concerts, which we have recorded for you to enjoy. This includes the student's finale Gala Performance, the "Tutors Concert", and recitals from both Omar Cyrulnik and Simon Powis.

Sydney Summer School - Finale Gala Performance 

The Summer School concludes with a free public concert.  All participants in both the Junior and Five-day schools perform in chamber groups and the guitar orchestra. As you can see much can be achieved in five days to achieve a final evening of magic.

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Tutors Concert - Sydney Guitar Festival

The "Tutors Concert",  is the informal name, where the Summer School tutors, essentially “walk the talk” and give a concert to all participants in the Summer School.

This year we were privileged to have the recitals from guest artists Omar Cyrulnik and Simon Powis, and performances by Oliver Fartach-Naini and the tutors group Diminished 13, comprising Janet Agostino, Raffaele Agostino, Andrew Blanch, Richard Charlton, Omar Cyrulnik, Angelina Ellis, Oliver Fartach-Naini, Christopher Keane, Caleb Lavery-Brook, Ariel Nurhadi, Simon Powis, Giuseppe Zangari .

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Omar Cyrulnik Recital - Sydney Summer School

Argentian guitarist Omar Cyrulnik, is described as “a musician with formidable technique and a deeply romantic sensibility.

"Omar had no problems expressing his musical ideas to the fullest. He used analogies, mime, facial and body language to convey his interpretation of particular ideas. This extroverted side of Omar's personality together with his deep emotional involvement in the music were the most inspiring aspects of his work with us. In doing so, he removed the immediate technical concerns of guitarists in ensembles and replaced it by strong commitment to musical expression in its purest state". 

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Simon Powis Recital - Sydney Summer School

The Australian classical guitarist Simon Powis enjoys a truly international career. In the past years he has performed throughout the United States, Sweden, Belgium, England, Germany, Austria, Spain, Canada and Liechtenstein.

This year we are fortunate to have him working with our students and delivering a recital in the gala concert.

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