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About Macrocosmos Guitar Group

After publishing a series of 9 educational book on guitar the author Roger Pell formed an ensemble of guitarists from the Mornington Peninsula.

The repitiour of the group comes from the compositions contained in Book 4, Duos, Trios and Quartets for Guitar, from the ‘Macrocosmos for Guitar’ series.

The selection offered here are of two contrasting trios which came about when playing three instruments from the Alhambra guitar collection supplied by Pierre Herero. The solo piece Asturias Leyanda is played by Anthony McGarrigale who is also a member of the Macrocosmos Group.

Checkout its intention is to provide a considered view about the guitar family and how to nurture musicianship for these instruments. The aim is to express the a cultured perception through touch, time and tone.

The information and procedures contained in the 9 volumes of the Macrocosmos for Guitar have arisen from a professional life as a composing, performing and being involved in music education in of Australia schools.

Creativity is an external activity where as imagination is an internal one. It is hearing the amalgamation of both these human behaviors that the artistic metaphors of music manifest.


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