Introducing Alejandro Florez

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Alejandro developed a passion for guitar at a young age and was initially mentored by a Spanish family friend who had dedicated his life to flamenco guitar. With his creativity in composition and love of music, the guitar has became a way of life for Alejandro as he continues to engage diverse audiences from all corners of the globe. 
Throughout his professional career, Alejandro has accepted several unique opportunities to travel and play around Australia and New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Vietnam, India and Thailand.

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With a strong technique, innate sense of rhythm and an open mind, he is known for his ability to establish a strong rapport with local musicians and has performed as a guest artist alongside a variety of talented artists from many genres.

Alejandro's debut album, Solquemia - Alejandro Florez, was independently released in 2010. It consists of his original compositions with influences from the music of both Spain and Latin America. The album was received with great success and has sold thousands of copies in Australia and overseas. 

His second album, Limonera, was launched in 2012 as the result of his muliticultural collaboration with a number of talented young artists.

In recent years, Alejandro has accompanied flamenco dancers and singers in collaborated works in Australia, Asia and Europe. He has also appeared on several radio programs across the country and featured in the documentary Behind the Words by Alawa Productions. 


Transported back in time to a smokey spanish bar in the 1920's, Alejandro Florez performs his song 'Mar y Flor' from the album Solquemia.

A beautiful night with Alejandro Florez, Aya Kitaoji and the amazing Juan Martinez Ortega at Vamos, Melbourne.

Flamenco Guitar Lessons in Melbourne with Alejandro Florez

(Flamenco/Spanish/Latin Jazz/Rumba)

i, My name is Alejandro, I specialise in Flamenco Guitar, Spanish and Latin Jazz. I can help you start to discover or improve your knowledge and capabilities in these styles. 

- Private guitar tuition tailored to your exact needs
- Suitable for all levels including absolute beginners
- Develop confidence in your playing
- Enjoy guitar lessons - have fun with it to get the results you want!

Please feel free to call to discuss anything about your playing and how to improve or take the first steps on your new journey into the world of guitar!   Times and location can be arranged according to your needs.

Email or call 0400 888 993 to register for lessons!

School Flamenco Workshops with Senes Flamenco

Have Aya and Alejandro immerse your students in the art of Flamenco.

  • Dance demonstrations
  • Prop explanations
  • Explore flamenco music with Alejandro Florez accompanying on Spanish guitar, your students will feel and experience the passion and beauty of Flamenco.
  • Cultural and language learning

Tailored workshops for all ages and occasions, no prior experience in any dance or music required, the students will be both mesmerised and inspired, all whilst having fun learning! Teachers too!

Contact Aya or Alejandro for suitable workshop packages for your school!

Aya - 0415 888 542 (

Alejandro - 0400 888 993 (



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