Which Guitar is for you?

So, you're looking for a new guitar, but not sure where to start?

At Guitarsonline, our focus is classical and flamenco guitars and electroacoustic guitars. We carry in stock the most extensive range of brands and models in Australasia from entry level first guitars to concert. We buy directly from the craftsmen and ensure that all guitars are set up and easily playable and provide service and warranty. Because we import direct our guitars represent excellent value, since they are built in Spain by specialists, feature solid cedar tops, deliver superb tone yet sell at similar prices to knock off copies of the ‘real thing’.

In summary; we bring you the best. We search out the best guitars throughout the world and bring them to our dealers throughout Australia and to our showroom in Melbourne so that you can select the classical, Flamenco or electroacoustic model that works for you. I was fortunate to grow up in Spain where a guitar shop was a wonderland of endless choice. When I came to Australia I realised that while stores offered great steel and electric options, nylon seemed to be an afterthought.

Over fifteen years ago, having tried and failed to find a decent guitar, I set about to recreate the guitar shop of my childhood, stocking and making available the best guitars. Over time the Guitarsonline website has become a virtual extension of our Melbourne showroom.

So which guitar is for you?

 it depends on your budget, level of playing and your future playing intentions.

Almansa is my favourite low price value brand of guitars. In mid 2017 Guitarsonline added Almansa to its range to help guitar students and players alike find a Spanish made, solid top guitar at the most competitive cost in Australia. These are excellent guitars at unbeatable prices.

(When growing up in Spain and studying music I found that the serious music stores sited next to the conservatoriums had the best range of guitars, scores and accessories. Twenty years later revisiting these stores I found that Alhambra was still the number one brand and Almansa number two- all other makes were a distant after-thought).

Today I offer both Almansa and Alhambra, with Almansa providing an economical alternative to all up and coming players. (click to view our Almansa range)

Alhambra is the premium Spanish brand with heritage spanning half a century and enviable models across the range that many other brands try to copy. Having been to their workshops I know they employ only qualified artisans, use the best tops of any maker even on their entry level guitars and offer a three-year warranty. They offer the strongest range of high performing models from entry level to concert models, and over the last 15 years they have grown to become the biggest selling brand in Australia. (click to view our Alhambra range)

Paulino Bernabe, Contreras, Australian made Luthier guitars

If you are looking for a concert guitar, we stock Australian Lattice guitars, double tops and high-end Spanish fan braced guitars by boutique makers. (click to view our Paulino Bernabe range and click to view our Manuel Contreras range)

Browse our online offering with most of the guitars having high quality video and audio that accurately delivers the real untouched sound – but of course nothing beats trying them all back to back! So I encourage you to call or email and come and see and play a selection for yourself.

You owe it to yourself!

If you are a professional and are looking for the best tone; a teacher looking for great guitar options for your students, or a player seeking the best guitar you can find you owe it to yourself to maximise your practice time. Experience the pleasure of playing a great guitar. Try our range of guitars.

Well thank you very much, I hope you enjoyed the tour and hope to see in our showroom in person. See you soon.