1A 2018 Lattice Braced Cedar top

1A 2018 Lattice Braced Cedar top


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This is the top of the line luthier-built concert guitar.


At GuitarsOnline we buy the best guitars we can find and this one is one of the best lattices we have found. We have been more than impressed by this lattice braced guitar.

Beautiful to play, this guitar has outstanding projection, sustain and string separation.

You really have to play it to believe.

Some may say it is not as good as the “real thing” their $28,000 version but then again you can own it for a fraction of that!

You be the judge of these strong new additions to our range


It features

  • cedar lattice braced sound board,

  • arched Mexican rosewood back and sides,

  • 650mm ebony fingerboard measuring 52mm at the nut.

Price on application

See this guitar in action


Jacob Cordover
Performing: Ophelia by Phillip Houghton
GuitarsOnline Performance Showcase
Guitar : 2018 Lattice 1A