Holiday Guitar Selection

It’s time to write your letter to Santa again. If you are planning on asking for a guitar this Christmas, we are making it easy. You can see our holiday selection below. You only have to locate our showroom by clicking here or calling 03 9395 5055.

Alhambra Z Natural

At $439 this guitar is a breakthrough. Made in Spain entirely by craftsmen it has a superb cedar top. This wood, as well as providing great colour, gives the guitar a great sound.  It is ideal for those who are venturing into the world of guitar playing for the first time. This classical model has a very ergonomic neck perfect for beginners looking for ease of play.  However, one thing about this guitar is the low environmental footprint left by its manufacture, because this type of wood is natural and not lacquered.  This also makes the guitar very loud and resonant and an excellent guitar for school ensemble playing.   What’s more, this instrument is presented with a modern matte finish.  See the Alhambra z Natural here.

Alhambra 50th Anniversary Iberia

Many advanced players have a 4P and we have always thought that the Alhambra 4P @ $1160 offers superb playing and is great value for money. But the new 50th Anniversary Iberia is the new definition of a classic.  The Iberia guitar features a high grade cedar top with contrasting with Ziricote back and sides. This wood not only gives it a very characteristic colour, but also provides this gloss-finished instrument with extremely rich resonances due to its density. Like all the 50th Anniversary models it also features a newly designed asymmetrical neck making it very easy to play.  See the Iberia Ziricote here.

Alhambra Z cutaway electric

We can’t choose between the Z Natural and it s cutaway version so we offer two versions because they are both amazing. This guitar is the cutaway version of the Z Natural and although it is one of our more economical guitars, it is also one of our most spectacular models thanks to, among other things, its finish and combination of woods: This guitar also features Fishman amplification and is great if you want to play with a school ensemble, gig or just play through your amp or stereo and hear how the melody line emerges effortlessly.

50th Anniversary Mahogany

Again this is a superb upgrade to the advanced Alhambra 7C. Featuring a superior solid red cedar top, mahogany back and sides and ebony fret board make this guitar as beautiful as it is strong. With its classic finish, the 50th Mahogany model is our new favourite of the intermediate level classicals and is ideal for musicians who want to move on from their first instrument to a more powerful and detailed sound.  This guitar has three special features: an easy to play neck, thanks to its asymmetrical ergonomic design, its new enhanced internal bracing delivering better projection and musical detail and the colour of its top, with a different shade of brown to the rest thanks to the red cedar contrasting with the glossy mahogany.  See the 50th Anniversary Mahogany here.

50th Anniversary Rosewood

This is a new addition to the Alhambra range featuring a very detailed cedar top and solid rosewood back and sides.  As well as deep resonant bases it delivers crisp tone and projection with superior trebles with resonance and sustain.  Its midrange is also highly accurate and string separation and voice very clear, allowing for very accurate and tonally coloured playing.  A guitar for a very experienced player.  See the 50th Anniversary Rosewood.

50th Anniversary Luthier

A good Christmas selection would not be complete without a Concert model.  This instrument is made and signed in the custom workshop of José Maria Vilaplana.  It is the latest in the Luthier concert range.  With its Canadian Cedar top and superbly filigreed solid Ziricote body, not only is it visually stunning, but delivers a tonal punch with great string separation and tonal light and shade.  A guitar to set you on the path to great concert performances.  See the 50th Anniversary Luthier here.


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