Our new Lattice and Double Top guitar arrivals

We are always searching for the best guitars to add to our range and make it easier for you to test guitar excellence and own enjoy it for ever. Her are our latest finds.


2018 Lattice Braced Cedar top ($1995)

2018-lattice braced cedar.jpg

This guitar offers the all the features of a contemporary cutting-edge concert classical guitar:


Lattice-braced Cedar soundboard
Arched rosewood back
Sound port
650mm scale ebony fingerboard with extra 20th fret high ‘C’
High quality tuners with Ebony buttons.
Moulded flight case.

I now have ready for shipping new 2018 models,the guitars play beautifully and really respond to right hand technique.

They punch well above their weight and are great value for $1995.

1A 2018 Lattice Braced Cedar top ($3,750)

1A 2018 Lattice Braced Cedar top.jpg


This is the top of the line luthier- built concert guitar. At GuitarsOnline we buy the best guitars w can find and this one is one of the best lattices we have found. We have been impressed by this lattice braced guitar.

It features cedar lattice braced sound board, arched Mexican rosewood back and sides, 650mm ebony fingerboard measuring 52mm at the nut.

Beautiful to play this guitar has outstanding projection, sustain and string separation. You really have to play it to believe. Some may say it is not as good as the “real thing” their $28,000 version but then again you can own it for a fraction of that!

You be the judge of these strong new additions to our range

Yulong Guo Double top ($4,950)

Yulong Guo Double top.jpg


I’ve just received a 2018 Cedar concert Chamber guitars by Master Luthier Yulong Guo who is a world-class professional concert guitar. The craftsmanship in the woodworking and finish are evident and matched by the wonderful acoustic properties of this beautiful guitar.

For this Chamber Concert model the latest classical guitar technology was used: double-top with two ultra-thin layers of high-quality sound woods on either side of a layer of Nomex to give the strength needed for the durability of the top. Back and sides are made of solid Indian Rosewood. The arched “violin back” gives the guitar amazing sound projection and volume, making it ideal for concert performances.

The upper bout of the body is sloped to give a ‘raised fingerboard’ in the style of Humphrey guitars. The ebony fingerboard is 52 mm in width at the nut and 62 mm at the 12th fret. The fingerboard also extends to the 20th fret for the treble strings. A rosewood armrest, ultra-smooth frets and a low string action make the Chamber Concert exceptionally easy and comfortable to play.


Pierre Herrero-Keen