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Rene Izquierdo, a native from Cuba, graduated from the Guillermo Tomas, Amadeo Roldan Conservatory and Superior Institute of Art in Havana. In the United States, Mr. Izquierdo earned a Master of Music and an Artist Diploma degrees from the Yale University School of Music, where he studied with Benjamin Verdery. While at Yale he represented the university in an exchange program with the Conservatoire National de Musique et de Danse du Paris and worked with guitarists Olivie Chassain and Roland Dyens.

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Rene Izquierdo - Introduction Lessons

Rene Izquierdo - Etude No. 3 (Brouwer)

Rene Izquierdo performs and teaches all ten of Leo Brouwer’s Estudios Sencillos.

In this lesson on the third Brouwer Etude, Izquierdo demonstrates the multitude of finger combinations in the right hand and why it’s important to develop the M and A fingers when practicing this study. Later, Izquierdo discusses the left hand and how the thumb’s position on the back of the neck affects the balance of the wrist.

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Rene Izquierdo - Fandango (J. Rodrigo)

Rene Izquierdo walks through the “Fandango” from Joaquin Rodrigo’s Tres piezas españolas, primarily discussing the fingerings he has discovered that make this difficult piece more manageable.

Along with fingerings, Izquierdo discusses musical aspects of the piece such as color, articulation, and dynamics which all help create a strong, stylized interpretation.

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Rene Izquierdo - Passacaglia (J. Rodrigo)

Rene Izquierdo plays and discusses the “Passacaglia” from Joaquin Rodrigo’s Tres piezas españolas. Topics in this lesson include tips for practicing challenging sections such as the famous sextuplets passage, bringing out the passacaglia line, and staying relaxed throughout the piece in preparation for the final movement.

Izquierdo also offers detailed explanations of the fingerings he has found most technically and musically satisfying.

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Rene Izquierdo - Zapateado (J. Rodrigo)

Rene Izquierdo finishes his series on Joaquin Rodrigo’s Tres piezas españolas with the final movement, 'Zapateado.' As with previous movements, Izquierdo gives a detailed account of his personal fingerings as well as interpretative suggestions related to articulation, dynamics, and color.

Other topics include techniques for making the piece flow more effortlessly and a focus on how the left elbow can aid difficult shifts.

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