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Carlo Marchione, born in 1964 in Rome, 1980-1992 winner of seven major prizes at international competitions for years has been the leading group of classical guitarists.In the course of his career he has been awarded many top prizes in International competitions.

He is a highly distinguished acknowledged seminar senior lecturer in the area of guitar music analysis.

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Carlo Marchione - Introduction Lessons

Carlo Marchione - Chaconne (J.S. Bach)

Carlo Marchione shares examples of proper accentuation in J.S. Bach’s Chaconne. The three aspects affecting accentuation in these instances include articulation, harmony, and hemiola. Follow along as Marchione demonstrates occurrences of all three.

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Carlo Marchione - Conquering Stage Fright

Carlo Marchione discusses stage fright and offers tips for overcoming this common hinderance.

Some of Marchione’s recommendations include changing the mindset from being “nervous” to “excited,” making sure repertoire is technically realistic, and organizing regular performances outside of school or conservatory.

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Carlo Marchione - Polyrhythm & Polymeter

Carlo Marchione discusses the prevalence of polymeter and polyrhythm in compositions for classical guitar.

Musical examples range from works by Ponce, Turina, Dowland, Bach, and many more. For each excerpt, Marchione explains the details of what is happening rhythmically and then demonstrates it on the guitar.

The lesson concludes with Marchione’s general suggestions for uncovering rhythmic abnormalities in pieces throughout the repertoire.

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