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Alí Arango is one of the most prominent guitarists of his generation. With a virtuosity at the service of musicality and a balanced mix of subtlety and expressive force, he has conquered all types of audiences and juries.

He has been awarded in 22 guitar international competitions, 10 of them, first prizes. As a composer Alí Arango has written works for guitar, duets for guitar and other instruments, chamber formats, and music for audio visuals.

Frequently he is invited to offer concerts and masterclasses at festivals around the world.

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Ali Arango - Introduction Lessons

Ali Arango - Fast Scales

Ali Arango shares tips for playing fast, rest-stroke scales. The lesson begins with Arango’s thoughts on the physical movements of the fingers, hand, and wrist and how his approach has changed over the years.
Arango then explains the difference between two distinct types of rest-strokes: classic and picado.
After discussing how to approach string crossing, Arango demonstrates how to study scales with musical examples including Villa-Lobos Etudes 7 and 12, the Concierto de Aranjuez, Rodrigo’s Zapateado, Bacarisse’s Concertino, and finally Paco de Lucia’s Zyryab. (P.S. Make sure you watch to the end for a special performance!)

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Ali Arango - Sonata (L. Brouwer)

Ali Arango performs and demonstrates sections from the first movement of Leo Brouwer’s famous Sonata, dedicated to Julian Bream.

The masterclass begins with Arango describing his initial encounter with the piece which occurred when Brouwer gave him a personal copy of the score. Arango goes on to highlight musical, compositional, and technical aspects of the piece including the piece’s persistent Fandango rhythm, musical quotes chosen by Brouwer, and general techniques for maintaining a stable right hand.

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Ali Arango - Sonata (mvt. III) (L. Brouwer)

Ali Arango finishes his series on the famous Sonata by Leo Brouwer with the third movement, “La Toccata de Pasquini.” The lesson begins with a brief background on the piece’s namesake, Bernardo Pasquini.
Arango then jumps straight into the opening, breaking down it’s complex rhythmic character and alleviating technical difficulties by providing tips for right hand fingerings and rapid shifting.
Other topics discussed include the “cuckoo” quote found throughout the movement and Arango’s concept of “space” dynamics which he employs during the long, arpeggiated sections.

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