The Journey so Far/The Importance of Posture - Julian Rotin

Lesson Overview:  Julian Rotin: The Journey so far/the importance of Posture

Julian outlines his journey as a classical performer, Flamenco technique evolution and Brazillian South American repertoire. 

The demands of playing different styles led him to explore different playing approaches. Flamenco players traditionally play in the up position i.e wth the guitar resting on the thigh at a 45% angle and balanced with the right arm this position can also be achieved by using a Gitano stand I have used one for over 10 years and found it to be great for the back.

Julian shows how to make this position work for you and access all the notes on the fretboard.

Delivered by: Julian Rotin

Suitable for:  Beginner players, looking to develop their flamenco fundamentals. 

Duration: 9:30 min

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