La Melanconia - A Learning Guide and Analysis


La Melanconia - A Learning Guide and Analysis

One subscriber told me that they wanted to learn La Melanconia by Frederik Rung, so I thought I'd create a lesson that describes some of the main features of this gorgeous piece.

The lesson is in multiple parts and analyzes La Melanconia from a theoretical viewpoint. I hope the word 'theoretical' doesn't scare you!

Understanding the theoretical side of music can actually make music more engaging and help you to learn much faster. It can enable you to see the words and sentences of music (things like chords, progressions, ornaments, etc.) rather than the letters (individual notes).

Theory also helps you to understand the function of the notes, and can therefore enhance your interpretation of the music.

As there are several videos and examples, I made a link that will take you straight to the lesson, rather than embedding everything into this email. A video of the piece is down the bottom.

Introduction La Melanconia is a hauntingly beautiful piece by the Dutch composer Frederik Rung. The work is short in form but contains a lot of expressive depth and pathos. It’s in D Minor, which was described in the 19th century as follows: “D Minor expresses a subdued feeling of melancholy, grief, anxiety, and solemnity.” (Taken from my book Fundamental Harmony).

Link to the lesson:

Let me know if there's a piece you'd like me to cover in a similar way to what I've done in this lesson.

Next time I will share some new pieces with you, and I'm very excited about that!

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