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Ever wondered how the leading classical guitarists became such incredible exponents of their craft?  Well, we thought we'd have them show you!

At GuitarsOnline, yes, we sell the worlds leading guitars - but more importantly, our goal is to help support you to become the very best you can be, as you develop and progress through your classical guitar studies.

So, we're proud to announce the GuitarsOnline Masterclass Centre- a FREE classical guitar learning resource, open to anyone, regardless of experience or expertise.  Our Masterclass Centre contains live and recorded webinar technique masterclasses lessons, mini-masterclass video tutorials, AMEB resources, and more.  Yes, we're only just begun creating all the content, so if you have any special requests, please drop us a line!  

The FREE GuitarsOnline Masterclass Centre includes: 


Access to our FREE webinar masterclass series, delivered by Australia's most prominent & up-and-coming teachers & guest performers.

These FREE live and interactive webinars are where some of Australia's finest performers and teachers, give you a personal insight into the classical guitar technique tips that helped make them what they are today.

You can watch, listen and ask questions, all from the comfort of your home and then later, watch recordings of the sessions to catch-up on anything that you've missed.

Click here, to sign-up for the first webinar masterclass - it's FREE.  

Technique mini-masterclass video lessons

These video mini-masterclass lessons, also delivered by Australia's leading performers and teachers, have been designed to take you step-by-step, through the technique intricacies needed to become the very best player you can be. 

With mini-masterclass videos available for beginner, intermediate and advanced players, there's something for everyone.

And, yes - access to these mini-masterclass technique videos is all FREE.



FREE AMEB Performance Showcase

To help with your AMEB exams, we have asked some of Australia's leading talent and up-and-coming classical guitarists, to play pieces from the Australian Music Examinations Board repertoire for classical guitar, grouped by grade level.

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