GuitarsOnline Teachers Program

At GuitarsOnline, we know we bring you the greatest selection of classical & flamenco guitars ... but, there's one thing we also know ...

without teachers, there are no guitarists and without guitarists, there are no guitars! 

So, to further support you the teacher, as you work to support your students, we've put together a series of programs that we invite you to take advantage of - The GuitarsOnline Teacher's Program.


To join our Teachers Program, please enter your contact details here and we will be in touch.

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Why join the GuitarsOnline Teachers Program?

  • Our Program is free, and open to all teachers of classical and flamenco guitar.  We've put this Program together based on feedback from teachers who already work with us - so please, the more feedback, the more ideas, the more we can do for you. 
    In summary., what does our Teacher's Program contain?  

    • FREE Teacher Listing Service  We are always being asked to recommend suitable teachers for new students, players looking to move to the next level and also for and for players who are returning to the guitar, after a few years away - so for this we have created our FREE Teacher Listing Service - that allows students to find teachers based on their location - Click here for more details

    • Teacher Referral Program - This Program allows you to earn a commission when you recommend our guitars to your students - PLUS, we also offer you discounts on guitars, strings and accessories, that you purchase from GuitarsOnline;  - Click here for more details

    • Our GuitarsOnline "Test Drive Events" - Your students look to you for guidance and support when it comes to chosing the best guitar  - you know your students guitar requirements, and we know our guitars.  With our new Test Drive Events, you can get “hands on” - playing and testing our range of classical and flamenco guitars - from entry level through to concert models.   - Click here for more details

    • Rising Star Award  Teachers - promote yourselves and receive recognition and exposure for both your efforts and those of your students, by nominating your students for our GuitarsOnline Rising Star Award .

    • Build your profile - Record for our Performance Showcase and create Masterclass lessons -  You may have visited our Performance Showcase and our MasterClass Centre.  We're always looking to showcase great teachers wishing to showcase their skills on our range of classical and flamenco guitars - with short masterclass videos and recital performances. We record you on a number of different models, and then build a showcase around you ,

    • Plus lots more…

What are the Product Range Opportunities?

At retail level in Australia, as in Spain, Alhambra is the flagship brand and the foundation of our range.

It’s brand, success and reputation is due to its strong price/value offering - from entry level models to concert guitars, including electroacoustic, cut-aways and steel string guitars. 

Beyond the Alhambra range, we also offer Conde Hermanos and our other brands are supplemented by a galaxy of best of breed makers.

Brands never before seen in Australia including:

  • Contreras and Paulino Bernabe- High end student and Concert guitars.

  • Angel Benito Aguado:- Contemporary Concert &Torres, Coffe Gugette, La Cote & Petit Jean Models

  • Jose Maria Vilaplana:- Classical and Flamenco models

  • Guitarras Juan Hernandez:-Concert and Conservatorium, Torres and romantic models

  • In addition we resell a number of Australian handmade guitars