Michael Groebel - Guitar Teacher, Gold Coast, QLD


Location:  Gold Coast, QLD
Email:   pgtonline@hotmail.com


Learning to play the guitar can be (and should be) enjoyable.
At Paramount Guitar Tuition you learn at your own pace, no pressure!

Manager: Michael Groebel.
Qualifications: BA mus, DipEd.
Institution attended: UWS.

Michael has 35 years of guitar playing experience, 16 years of guitar teaching experience, and university qualifications in music and music education.

He has worked not only as a guitar teacher but also as a full-time high school music teacher.

He is the author of four books of guitar music & continues to compose highly original music for the instrument.

Though strongly focused on music, he often delves into other art forms such as web design, animation, video production, writing, etc . This passion for creativity is the driving force behind all of Michael's creative endevours, especially his music.

If you're interested in starting your own musical journey, why not let Michael help you along the way, with Paramount Guitar Tuition.