Arcangel Fernadez 2008 Flamenco

Arcangel Fernadez 2008 Flamenco


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Arcangel Fernadez 2008 Flamenco – one of the last built

This flamenco guitar was built one of the last two built by the master luthier Arcángel Fernández in the year 2008, considered to be one of the best guitar makers in history.

His instruments are extremely rare, since Japanese collectors bought almost all of them. His guitars are truly admired by guitar makers, collectors and guitarists all around the world.

This is a rare and unique guitar in every way.

Arcangel Fernandez de la Mata - Started as a flamenco guitar player and ended up working with Marcelo Barbero when he approached him to make him a guitar.

Marcelo Barbero already a legend then and with an extensive waiting list said “impossible” but Arcangel finally got his guitar. Finally apprenticed under Barbero he takes over the workshop at his demise and as the only apprentice Barbero ever taught, finishes all his outstanding orders. Later moving to his own workshop at 26 Jesus y Maria in Lavapies.

This is the beginning of a in constant search of beauty and perfection in guitar making.

His own guitar building references are Antonio Torres, Marcelo Barbero and Santos Hernadez. His guitar building process  was always slow and painstaking to such an extent that his guitars are termed “ghosts”.

Since, even in his lifetime so few people had ever seen one and the waiting list was 15 years even back then.


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Guitar: Arcangel Fernadez 2008 Flamenco
Composition: Soleares (Traditional)
Alejandro Florez

Guitar: Arcangel Fernadez 2008 Flamenco
Composition: Tarantas by Alejandro Florez
Performer: Alejandro Florez