1972 Jose Ramirez III 1A

1972 Jose Ramirez III 1A


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1972 Jose Ramirez III 1A Concert Flamenco

 This guitar is in excellent original condition apart from being re-fretted as well a having new wooden pegs fitted.

Has all the characteristics of the Ramirez guitars from this the best epoch of the Ramirez workshop when the best makers were part of the team.

The tone is a perfect blend of beauty and true flamenco aggressiveness. It has great power, as well as sustain, sweetness, a fullness of tone and a balance across the entire register.

When playing melodically it sings like a human voice.

This guitar is reminiscent of the sound of the guitars played by Sabicas, Manolo Sanlucar and Juan Serrano who also played Ramirez guitars.

As sweet as the tone is, it still has the aggressive response when pushed in the right direction – rasgeados in particular are quite explosive and powerful.

Playability is super easy, with a fast action.

  • Scale: 656 mm

  • Top – Cedar

  • Back and sides – Spanish Cypress

  • Fingerboard – Ebony

  • Traditional Rosewood Wooden Pegs



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Guitar: 1972 Jose Ramirez III 1A Concert Flamenco
Composition: Guajira by Alejandro Florez
Alejandro Florez