Fabio Zontini Classical: 2000 Antonio de Torres Replica

Fabio Zontini Classical: 2000 Antonio de Torres Replica


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Zontini is a Guitar Maker, Historian, Teacher, and Lecturer who is highly regarded in Italy, and known throughout continental Europe (especially Germany and France), and England.

He is a graduate of the Civica Scuola di Liuteria of Milan, where he received the Diploma of Master Luthier and Restorer. He has closely studied and made copies of instruments by legendary builders including Panormo, Hermann Hauser, Francisco Simplicio, Robert Bouchet, and his teacher and mentor Pietro Gallinotti.

He has carefully studied the 1859 Torres guitar once belonging to Miguel Llobet and the famous 1862 Torres 'Papier Maché' cardboard guitar (a copy of which he made in 2005).


  • 650mm scale

  • German Spruce

  • Flamed Maple

  • Sound: Angelic

  • Condition: Excellent

  • Tunners: top of the line, handcrafted, custom set by Niccolo Alessi with Pearl buttons, and cost almost $1,000.00

  • Lower Bout: 13.5 inches (336 mm)

  • Neck Width @ nut: 51mm

  • String height at 12th fret: 4mm

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Guitar: 2000 Fabio Zontini Torres Replica
Composition: La Rosa by Giuliani
Performed by: Marc Askew
Performances and teaching: marcaskew@gmail.com