2012 Juan Hernández - Luthier - Lattice Top

2012 Juan Hernández - Luthier - Lattice Top


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Indian Rosewood, world class concert guitar, French polished, featuring lattice bracing but with Spanish tone, warmth and superb projection, resolution and balance across the strings.

Juan Hernandez has fused traditional craftsmanship and sensibility and innovative modern guitar building technique to deliver a great concert guitar at a fantastic price! This top model from Valencia builder, Juan Hernandez, captures the Spanish sound perfectly. The trebles are dry, crisp, and clear. The basses are balanced, robust, and biting. This is also one of the easiest playing guitars in the studio right now.


  • Scale – 650

  • Top: Cedar - Lattice

  • Body: Pau Ferro

  • Neck: Cedar

  • Fingerboad: Ebony

  • Varnish: Nitro

  • Year: 2012

  • Case Included

  • Condition Excellent


This guitar was purchased from us new in early 2013 and has had just one owner. As a lattice-top, this instrument has a more immediate response than more traditional fan-braced guitars. It has well-balanced tonal distribution across the strings and is capable of delivering a range of tonal colours from crisp to sweet and mellow, depending on the player's chosen style of attack, thus accommodating pieces ranging from Bach to Barrios   A nice design feature of this guitar is its extremely comfortable slim neck profile. It has been maintained in superb condition.

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Guitar : 2012 Juan Hernandez Luthier
Prelude to Sonata No 3 SL Weiss
Performed by: Marc Askew
Performances and teaching: marcaskew@gmail.com
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Juan Hernandez Luthier-- Baden Powell "Retrato Brasiliero".Performed by Marc Askew Performances and teaching: marcaskew@gmail.com This guitar is available at GuitarsOnline.com.au, we travel the world, visit luthier workshops, test and select the very best classical guitars, Spanish guitars, flamenco guitars & electro-acoustic guitars to bring superb tone and pleasure to your music.