2007 George Ziata - spruce

2007 George Ziata - spruce

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George Ziata is a South Australian guitar maker, building guitars since 1991, specialising in lattice braced classical guitars.

The Ziata Guitars workshop is dedicated to building classical guitars and is equipped with state of the art equipment. Only the finest quality timbers are used and by utilising the most technologically advanced methods and materials all guitars posses the very best quality sound and workmanship.
Soundboard Construction:

Lattice-braced carbon fibre reinforced soundboard design, made by combining traditional designs with the modern lattice design giving the guitars their special character. The advantage of a lattice design is its lighter weight, superior strength and the shape of the lattice stimulates the soundboard more than a traditional fan-braced guitar. The soundboard is domed which creates strength and a finer quality sound.

12th fret position:
The 12th fret is slightly further away from the body than other classical guitars. The body and neck meet at the 14th fret, this is commonly found on acoustic steelstring guitars. Ziata found this feature to be more useful when playing in the higher positions on the fretboard. In moving the 12th fret Ziata was able to fit in a 20th fret without obstructing the sound hole and interfering with the projection of sound.

Guitar Neck:
The neck is made from Honduras Mahogany and reinforced with a carbon fibre rod. The method I use for gluing the carbon fibre infuses the fibre to the timber.

Lacquer finish:
A two part lacquer provides the guitar with very good protection and is the best available modern blended Lacquer for finishing guitars. This lacquer provides a finish that looks deep and by applying a thinner coat it prevents muffling of the sound. After full curing of the finish the guitar is then buffed to a very high gloss.


  • Fretboard = Ebony
  • Bridge = African Paduak
  • Back & sides = Indian Rosewood
  • Neck = Honduras Mahogany
  • Headstock veneer = Indian Rosewood
  • Binding = Indian Rosewood / rock maple 1.2mm wide decorative strip
  • Sound board = Engelmann Spruce
  • Inside strutting = Carbon fibre / Balsa wood Lattice Braced
  • Tuning machines = Gotoh premium range tuners
  • Frets = 20, Scale length =650mm
  • Case = Deluxe ABS Road Case

This guitar was bought new in 2007 and has had only one owner.  It was recently traded in for a more expensive instrument.  Ziata's classical guitars currently sell for $7,800 new.

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