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Daniel Nistico - Guitar Workshop - Harmony that Matters

Harmony that Matters - Guitar Workshop


"I'd like to invite you to this unique event, where you'll learn the most important and useful aspects of harmony on guitar. 
Everything is done from a practical standpoint, so that you can apply what you learn to the pieces you're playing or those you want to learn in future."

This full day, in person workshop will show you how a practical knowledge of harmony enables you to understand music, learn pieces faster, play with greater expression and provides tools for composing.

• 7 hours of practical training
• 8 printed booklets with over 90 pages
• A copy of Fundamental Harmony
• Recorded footage
• Catered Lunch and Coffee + Dessert

Date - Sunday, August 25th. 10am-6pm
Location - Eltham, VIC
Early-bird price: $250

More details and a form to register can be found at: